Tri Borough Management's Pricing and Services

Property Management Services $109/month:
Initial & Final Inspection of Property 
Video tour of property before tenants move in
Property Preservation Department (handles all service requests)
Rent Collection & Enforcement
Direct Deposit to Owner's Bank Account
24/7/365 Emergency Maintenance Hotline
All Communication with Tenant
Lease Monitoring and Enforcement
Full Accounting Availability
Online Rent Pay for Tenants (no additional fees)
Direct Deposit to Landlords (no additional fees)
End of Year Financial Statements*
No Management Fee when Property is Vacant
Cancel Free of Charge with 60 Day Notice
We have negotiated better rates for contractor related services!
*Management fees are considered professional services and are entirely tax deductible! (check with your CPA/account)


Account set up fee of $179 (one time fee):
Initial set up of accounts
Banking coordination for direct deposit
Arranging and setting up online account for tenants
Reviewing of lease (if not provided by TBM)
All other paperwork processing 


Eviction Protection Plan (EPP) $25/month:
Tri Borough Management knows how important it is to pre-screen tenants and to to choose one that has shown timely payments in the past.
Despite best efforts, even the best screened tenant can get behind on rent payements. When you participate in our Eviction Protection Plan
you get the added security and peace of mind that you will be covered.
In an effort to help our property owners avoid or greatly reduce the loss of income normally experienced during a legal eviction we are offering
the following plan:
Covers filing fees
Legal notices
Timeline of tenants' history
Full owner representation
Engaging law enforcement (if necessary)
Any other involvement to execute and finalize the eviction

Tri Borough Management
1509 Dodona Terrace
Unit 205
Leesburg, VA 20175
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